Opay Account Opening - How To Open Opay Account

Opay Account Opening - How To Open Opay Account

How do you open an opay account? For pointers on how to open opay account, allow this article on opay account opening - how to open opay account guide you.

In today's world, it's become increasingly important that every individual has a reliable and safe method for performing financial transactions online. Enter Opay, a finance platform that aids you make transactions in real-time.

Opay or Opera Payment has gathered fame for itself, especially among Nigerian bank users. So, if you heard all the buzz and reviews, and thought to yourself "i want to open an opay account'' then you've found the right article.

You can use Opay for the same things you'd use your regular bank for; pay bills, buy commodities online, and transfer funds to other bank accounts. Opay is a stress-free and simple platform where you can do all these without breaking a sweat or panicking.

For this post, we'll be discussing how to open opay account and every other topic that concerns opay account opening. We'll look at hacks for using the platform effectively, requirements to open opay bank account, and answer some frequently asked questions too.

So, how do i open an opay account? We'll answer you in a bit.

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  1. How to open an opay account

  2. How to open opay account on phone

  3. Code to open opay account

  4. How to open opay account without bvn

  5. Open opay account number

  6. Frequently asked questions on how to open opay account


How To Open An Opay Account

If you've wondered, "how do i open opay account?'' this section will answer your questions. Below is a detailed guide on how to open an opay account:

1. Download The Opay App

The first step how to open account with opay is to download the Opay app. The app can be gotten from the Google Play Store or iOS store. 

The second you download the app and it is done loading on your device, tap the 'Register'' button.

Download Opay on Appstore.

Download Opay on Playstore.


2. Avail Your Personal Information

The next thing for you to do is to provide your personal data. This means you should put in your name, phone number, and email address, and create a secure password.

Use the referral code 8081421847. Ensure that all the information you provide is correct because it will be used to verify your user account.


3. Get Your Account Verified

When you've given your personal data, you'll get a verification code through SMS. Put the code in the required field and verify your account.

You can ask for the verification to be sent again if you do not get the code immediately.


4. Set Up Your Wallet

Next, set up your wallet by creating a six-digit PIN you'll use to authorize transactions on Opay. Ensure that the password you choose is strong and one that you'll remember easily.


5. Fund Your Account

After the wallet has been created, you'll now fund your Opay wallet. This can be done by linking your bank account or making a deposit with your debit card. Follow the prompts on your screen to complete the deposit process.


6. Start Using Your Account

With your Opay account fully functional, you can start making financial transactions with it. You can pay bills, shop online or transfer money to others.


Benefits Of Opening An Opay Account

There are a few benefits you'll have access to when you open an Opay Account. We mentioned them below:

1. Convenient Banking

With Opay you can perform different financial actions on your mobile device, which makes it a convenient option to traditional banking methods. Things you can do with Opay include:

  • Buy airtime and data.

  • Pay for electricity bills.

  • Register for WAEC.

  • Fund Bet9ja account.

  • Fund Cowry Card.

  • Pay money into microfinance bank accounts.

  • Handle governmental payments and levies.

  • Subscribe to DSTV, GOTV, and Startimes.

  • University tuition fees.

  • Book hotels and flights.

  • Apply to Okash loans.

2. Fast

Opay processes transactions quickly and you can wrap up your business in seconds, which is faster than regular banking methods.


3. Secure

Opay deploys multiple security layers to guard your transactions and personal information. These transactions are encrypted and locked with biometric authentication which reduces the risk of fraud.


4. Cheap Charges

Opay's transaction charges are low, making it an affordable monetary platform for you.


5. Vast Range Of Services

There is a vast range of services to be utilised on Opay, this includes money transfers, utility payments, airtime purchases, etc. This makes this platform versatile and useful for different financial needs.

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Requirements For Opening An Opay Account

When you open an opay account there are some basic requirements you must meet. We listed those requirements below.

1. A Functioning Mobile Phone

The mobile phone will be used to register for an Opay account. Just ensure that the phone number you use is still valid as it will be linked to your account and used for your account number too.


2. Stable Internet Connection

A good internet connection is needed for you to download the Opay app. You can use WiFi or your mobile data to access the app.


3. The Opay App

You can download the Opay mobile app from the Google Play or iOS store.


4. Valid Means Of Identification

You'll present a valid means of identification like your National ID Card, International Passport, and Driver's license, for the account verification process. You need this to meet your KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.


5. Nigerian Bank Account

A bank account with a Nigerian bank is needed, so that you can link your Opay account to it, for when you want to fund your Opay wallet or perform other transactions.


6. Bank Verification Number

Your bank verification number (BVN) is another requirement that'll be requested when you want to open an opay account. This is your unique banker number, so it is important.


7. Personal Data

Provide your full name, date of birth, and email address during the registration process.


How To Fund Your Opay Account Wallet

To start using your opay account, you need to fund you wallet. This can be done in simple steps, with 5 different methods.

The first you'd want to do to fund your Opay Account Wallet is tap 'Add Money' on the Opay app homepage. This shows the various methods you can use to put money in the wallet. These are:

  • Top-Up

  • Bank App

  • Opay Deposit

  • Money request

  • EaseMoni loan


With Top-Up:

  1. Click Top-up under the 'Add Money' section.

  2. Input the amount you want to add.

  3. Click 'Confirm' and follow the screen prompts to see the available payment options - 'Debit Card' or 'Bank Account'.

  4. Fill in the details for any option you'll use 'Debit Card' or 'Bank Account' and click confirm.

  5. Within minutes, your Opay wallet will be funded.


With Bank App:

  1. Tap the 'Add Money' tab for the 'Bank App' option.

  2. Click the 'Bank App' Option and Opay will show your account number.

  3. Choose the bank name PAYCOM when transferring money from your bank app to Opay account.


With Opay Deposit:

  1. In Opay Deposit you can use Opay merchant to fund your wallet.

  2. Simply click the Opay Deposit option in the 'Add Money' tab to find the closest Opay merchant.

  3. You'll see a screen with the following directives:

  • Visit the nearest Opay merchant.

  • Give the merchant your wallet number and cash, and ask them for a deposit.

  • Confirm that your wallet has been credited.

  1. Click on 'Nearby Merchants' and Opay will release a list of approved merchants close to you. The merchant should fund your account at no extra charges.


With Request Money:

  1. Tap 'Request Money' on the 'Add Money' tab.

  2. You'll be directed to a screen where you can enter the account number you're requesting money from, you can select from your contacts.

  3. On the same screen put in the amount you want to receive and write an optional message.

  4. When you've done this, hit 'Done' and your contact will get the request notification.


Tips For Using The Opay Account

Now that you can create an opay open account, let's review some tips for using the Opay account.

1. Implement Recurring Payments

On Opay you can implement recurring payments to settle bills that you pay regularly. This saves you time and ensures that payments are not missed.


2. Include Multiple Payment Methods

When you complete the Opay signup process, link the payment methods you prefer to your Opay account.

This can be your bank account, debit card, and other payment platforms. Doing this will make transactions more convenient, especially if one of the methods is down.


3. Monitor Your Account Balance

Always check on your Opay account balance. This helps you track spending and ensures the funds you have are enough to finance transactions.


4. Use Your Opay Account To Shop Online

With Opay you can shop easily. Find the Opay payment option and follow the given instructions.


How To Open Opay Account On Phone

There are two ways you can create an opay open account. The first way is to download and log into the Opay App or via the Opay web. We'll show you how to open an opay bank account on both platforms.

But first here's the rundown on how to open an opay account on the App:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store if you're an Android phone user or Apple App Store if you use an iOS device.

  2. Search Opay in the store's search bar.

  3. Tap the Opay icon and install the app.

  4. When you install the app, open it and start the registration process.


How To Log Into An Opay Account With The Opay App

If you just downloaded the Opay app, here's how to open an opay bank account on it:

  1. Open the Opay app and tap on 'Create a new account'.

  2. Provide your mobile number; it should be correct and still valid. Opay will send an OTP to the number.

  3. When you get the OTP,  type it into the box below your phone number. Then tap 'Confirm' to continue.

  4. Next, create a six-digit password you can use to log into the new Opay account.

  5. After saving this password, fill in your personal information.

  6. Once this is done, your Opay login will be complete.


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How To Access The Opay Account On Opay Web

To open open opay account online, you'll first need to visit the Opay web. Here's how to open an opay account online once you're on this page:

  1. The first step on how to open opay account online is to access the Opera browser on your phone or laptop.

  2. Find the Cashback icon and tap it.

  3. A Cashback ad will popup. Ignore the ad by clicking 'Cancel' at the top right corner of the page.

  4. At the upper right corner of the next page, click the login button.

  5. You can enter your OPay-linked telephone number or password.

  6. If it is your first time using Opera, Opay will request for verification. Engage them.

  7. For verification, you'll get an OTP via text message or telephone call. You can dial *347*010# to get an SMS message with the OTP.

  8.  Input the 6-digit One Time Password to log in.


Code To Open Opay Account

Another method for how to open opay bank account is by using the *955# magic code to open opay account.

Just visit Google Play Store or iOS store, search ''OPay'' and then use *955# to download the OPay App and set up a wallet with your name and phone number.

You can also open an OPay wallet on the same page when you click ''Sign Up''.


How To Open Opay Account Without BVN

can i open opay account without bvn?

There are a few reasons why you would want to open opay account without bvn. Maybe you don't have a BVN or you don't want your bank account linked to OPay for security reasons.

If this is the case, you should know that you can open your OPay account without a BVN and still use the platform for smooth financial transactions.


How To Open An Opay Account Without BVN

This is the rundown on how how to open opay bank account without a Bank Verification Number:

  1. Install the OPay App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile phone.

  2. Open the app and tap ''Register''.

  3. Input your phone number and tap ''Next".

  4. A verification code will be sent to your phone, type it in and click ''Next.''

  5. Provide details like your name, date of birth, and email address. Tap 'Next''.

  6. Choose a password and then proceed.

  7. OPay will ask you to link your bank account. Skip this step by clicking ''No Bank Account.''

  8. You'll be asked to submit a means of identification like a National ID card, driver's license, or international passport. Ensure the ID is clear before you 'Submit.'

  9. Opay will review your account and you'll get a notification within 24 hours if it's approved.


Alternative Ways To Open Opay Account Without BVN

If you don't have a BVN or means of identification, you can open an OPay account by choosing to visit an OPay agent. 

The agent will get your account verified by using other methods like your picture or fingerprints.


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Open Opay Account Number

If you've asked ''i want to open opay account number'' but you don't know where to start, we'll answer this question in 6 simple steps:

  1. Get the Opay mobile app from the Android or iOs app store. Install it on your device and begin the registration process.

  2. Sign up with your phone number. You need to do this because OPay will use this phone number to generate your account number. Enter your number and tap 'Next.'

  3. Submit your full name, date of birth, and email address correctly.

  4. Choose a secure password for your Opay account. The password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

  5. Verify your phone number using an OTP that will be sent to the number. Enter this OTP when you get it, to the space provided on the app.

  6. Get your Opay account number. After your phone number has been verified, your opay account number will be shown on the app's home screen. You can start using your account to perform transactions.

Note: You can get the Opay account number by dialling *955# on your mobile phone. Follow the prompts open an opay account and get an account number.


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Open Opay Account

There are a lot of questions, Opay users and non-users have about using this platform. 

These enquiries can range from how can i open opay account? To many other queries that confuse them about Opay.

If you found yourself in this category or know someone who has, the answers we provided for these frequently asked questions on how to open opay account can help.


1. Do i need bvn to open opay account?

No, you do not need a bvn to open opay account. 

Users can open their opay account without bvn by choosing to opt out of providing a Bank Verification Number or visiting an OPay agent to open the account for them.


2. How can i open an opay account?

You can open an opay account by downloading and signing up on the Opay mobile app or registering on the Opay web platform.


3. Is my phone number also my opay account number?

Yes, your phone number is also your Opay account number. When you register for an Opay account, the last 10 digits of your mobile number will be assigned as your Opay account number. 

The phone number automatically becomes your unique identification number on the platform.


4. Is creating an Opay account free?

Yes, you can register/create an Opay account for free. But, you may be charged a small fee when you make transactions or pay bills.


5. What is an Opay wallet?

An opay wallet is a mobile wallet account you use to save money and finance different transactions like bill payments, airtime purchases, and money transfers on the Opay app.


6. Can I edit my Opay account name?

No, you cannot change your Opay account name after registration. This is why you should ensure that you put in the correct name when signing up.


7. How to open an opay account online?

To open an opay account online, simply download the Opay app and sign up with your personal information like phone number, name, and email address.


8. What is the code to open Opay account?

The code to open opay account on your mobile phone is *955#.


9. Can I link multiple payment methods to my Opay account?

Yes, you can link multiple payment methods to your opay account. This can be your bank account, debit card, and other financial platforms.


10. How to set up recurring payments on Opay?

To set up recurring payments on the Opay account, choose the bill you want to pay and click the ''Set Reminder'' button. Follow the guideline prompts to set up recurring payments.


Creating your Opay account will be a simple and straightforward process for you. Just follow the steps and all the other guidelines on how to open opay account we mentioned in this article, and you can start transacting on the Opay app in no time.


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