List of FCMB USSD Transfer codes - FCMB USSD Code

List of FCMB USSD Transfer codes - FCMB USSD Code

Are you looking for a convenient way to carry out bank transactions on your FCMB account? The FCMB ussd code is designed to make banking easier and seamless. This article on the list of fcmb transfer code- fcmb ussd code will teach you all you need to know about FCMB ussd codes..

The fcmb ussd code, *329# provides a secure and paperless way for FCMB bank users to buy airtime, open an account, pay bills, transfer funds and get instant loans on the go.

This code is one of FCMB's best features because customers no longer need to fill paperwork or visit the bank to perform transactions or make complaints on their account. The feature is accessible anytime of the day and every day of the week.

In this article, we will discuss the fcmb transfer code, its variations, benefits and the various transactions they can be used for.


Table of Content

  • Fcmb USSD code

  • Fcmb transfer code

  • Fcmb transfer code to another bank

  • Fcmb account balance code

  • Fcmb ussd code to check account number

  • Fcmb transfer pin

  • Fcmb airtime recharge code

  • Fcmb ussd code for loan

  • Fcmb ussd daily transfer limit

  • Fcmb ussd code for bet9ja

  • Code to check BVN for fcmb bank

  • Fcmb startime recharge code

  • Fcmb gotv subscription code

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The fcmb ussd provides a secure and convenient way for fcmb users to perform transactions on their mobile phones.

The ussd code for fcmb is a simple 3 digit short code that is easy to memorise and readily available for use. It also doesn't need an internet connection to work.

Therefore, if you're looking for an easy way to buy airtime, transfer money, block your card, link your bvn and carry out many other transactions outside banking hours, the fcmb short code is perfect for you.

To access the transfer code for fcmb bank, you must have a working fcmb account, a mobile phone and a debit card. You must have also linked your fcmb account to your mobile number.

With the fcmb ussd code, you can say goodbye to the days where customers needed to visit the bank and stand in long queues for hours to make simple bank transactions. The fcmb code transfer works on every mobile device and is available across all network providers in Nigeria.


Benefits of the FCMB USSD Code

There are so many transactions you can make with the fcmb mobile transfer code and it doesn't even need an internet connection. So long as you have a working phone and an fcmb account, you're good to go!

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy using the transfer code for fcmb:

  1. Seamless transactions

The fcmb bank ussd code allows you to perform hassle-free transactions on your account with your mobile phone.

  1. Easy Access

It is always available for use. As long as you have an fcmb account, you have 24/7 access to the short codes.

  1. No Internet Connection needed

Internet connection is not required to make transactions with the ussd fcmb code. This makes it highly beneficial to fcmb account holders who do not have browsing phones or mobile data on their phones.

  1. Safe and Secure

It is a very secure means of making transactions on your fcmb account because it requires you to put in your correct ussd pin before it can authorise any transaction.

  1. It works across all telecommunication services in Nigeria, this means that it is available on MTN, Glo,Etisalat, Airtel.


FCMB Transfer Code    

You don't have to go through the stress of traffic or visit an fcmb branch to transfer funds from your bank account. With the transfer code for fcmb, you can simply dial the code to transfer money from fcmb account which is *329#. The code to transfer money from an fcmb account has different variations depending on the type of transaction you wish to make.


FCMB Transfer Code to Other Banks

With the Fcmb transfer code, you can conveniently transfer large amounts of money from your account to other banks at any time of the day.

The fcmb transfer code to other banks is *329*Amount*Account number#. To transfer money from your fcmb account to another bank account with the transfer code for fcmb to another bank, follow the steps below:

  1. On the mobile number linked to your fcmb bank account, Dial *329*Amount*Account number#. For example, if you want to send the sum of five thousand naira to another bank account from your fcmb account, dial *329*5000*0123456789# on your mobile phone

  2. Select the bank of the account number you want to transfer funds to

  3. Verify the account name you want to transfer to

  4. Lastly, enter your four digit code fcmb transfer pin to conclude the transaction.


List of FCMB USSD Codes

Fcmb ussd code



Mobile Top-up for self

*329*Amount*Mobile number#

Mobile Top-up for others


Code for fcmb account balance

*329*Amount*Account number#

To transfer funds


To reset/create pin 

*329*1*Mobile number#

To buy data

*329#, select bank statement

To get bank statement

*329*2*Amount*Smartcard number#

To pay for Dstv or Gotv subscription

*329#, select self-service

To link BVN

*329#, select self-service

To block debit card

*329#, select self-service

To block account

*329*3*Amount*Meter no# or *329*3*Amount*Account ID#

To pay electricity bill


To block USSD profile or Bank account


To increase daily transaction limit


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FCMB Account Balance Code

You can check your account balance with the fcmb code to check balance. The fcmb ussd code to check account balance is *329*00#.

To check your account balance, Dial the ussd code for account balance,  *329*00# on your mobile phone.

  1. Ensure you dial the fcmb balance code code to check account balance using the phone number linked to your fcmb account.

  2. Follow the instructions carefully and your account balance will be displayed to you.


FCMB USSD Code to Check your Account Number

Knowing your correct account number is very important when performing a transaction, the fcmb quick code can be used to check your fcmb account number.

To check your account number with the fcmb ussd code for account number,

  1. Dial *329*00# on the mobile number linked to your fcmb account number.

  2. Enter the last 4 digits on your ATM card or transaction PIN to complete your transaction.


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FCMB Transfer Pin

The fcmb ussd pin is required to carry out all ussd related transactions. Your transfer pin should be kept safe at all times because your account could get compromised if it falls into the wrong hands.

To create your FCMB transfer pin,

  1.  Dial *329*0# on the mobile number linked to your account number.

  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your desired pin. You can confirm if your pin activation is successful by performing a transaction with the ussd code for fcmb bank.


FCMB Airtime Recharge Code

The FCMB airtime transfer code is *329#. With this code, you can purchase airtime for yourself or friends and family from your fcmb account in a matter of minutes.


Airtime Recharge for Self

To buy airtime for yourself with the fcmb recharge code,

  1. Dial *329*Amount# on the phone number linked to your fcmb account.

  2. For example, dial *329*500# to buy five hundred naira worth airtime for yourself.


Airtime Recharge for Others

To buy airtime for others with the Fcmb airtime recharge code,

  1. Dial *329*Amount*Phone Number# on the mobile number linked to your fcmb account.

  2. For example, dial *329*500*08012345678# to buy airtime of five hundred naira for the third party.

  3. Enter your four digit fcmb ussd transfer pin.

  4. If successful, the third party mobile number will receive the airtime immediately.


FCMB USSD Code for Loan

FCMB has a ussd loan feature known as FCMB fast cash. It is a quick and easy way to get instant loans with no collateral or paperwork.

By typing the fcmb loan ussd code, *329*11# on your mobile phone, you can loan up to 200,000 naira for your emergencies and pay back over a stipulated period.

To apply for the fcmb fast cash loan,

  1. Dial *329*11# on the mobile number linked to your fcmb account.

  2. Follow the instructions displayed on your mobile phone screen.

  3. If successful, your loan should be delivered into your fcmb account. Qualified customers can apply as many times as they need in a year.


FCMB USSD Daily Transfer limit

There is a daily transfer limit automatically set on your ussd code for transfer. You can increase your daily limit by using the fcmb mobile banking code.

To do this, you must create a transaction code which will allow you to transfer up to 500,000 naira daily.

Here are the steps to create your daily limit ussd for fcmb code;

  1. On your mobile phone, dial *329*0# using the phone number linked to your fcmb account

  2. Select Create/Reset code

  3. Select your preferred ATM card( for customers with multiple accounts or cards)

  4. Enter your ATM card pin

  5. Create a 4-digit transaction code

  6. Enter your USSD fcmb check balance code pin

  7. Your transaction code will be created successfully


FCMB USSD Code for Bet9ja

At the time this article was written, there is no fcmb ussd code to fund Bet9ja. But it can be funded via the FCMB mobile app or transferred at an FCMB physical branch.

To fund via mobile app,

  1. Download the FCMB mobile app

  2. Open the App

  3. Sign up or Log into your fcmb account

  4. Enter your Bet9ja User ID

  5. Select a Funding source e.g Wallet, Debit card or Bank transfer

  6. Enter the amount you wish to deposit

  7. Click continue

  8. Enter your FCMB mobile app pin to complete the transaction


To fund your bet9ja at an FCMB branch,

  1. Visit any FCMB branch nearest to you

  2. Request for an FCMB cheque funds transfer form to deposit into Bet9ja

  3. Fill in the information required on the deposit slip as follows;

  • Account Identifier: Bet9ja

  • Account name: Your Bet9ja User-Id

  • Name of Depositor: Your full name

  • Amount: The amount you want to deposit in your Bet9ja account

  • Cheque number: Your Fcmb cheque number

  1. Submit the deposit slip and your FCMB cheque form to the cashier and request that the payment is made via E-wallet.

  2. You will receive a receipt for your deposit, keep the receipt safe for future reference.


Code to Check BVN for FCMB Bank

You can check your Bank Verification Number(BVN) on your phone using the fcmb ussd code for transfer.

 The official fcmb bank transfer code for checking your BVN for FCMB bank is *565*0#. It works for mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile.

To retrieve your BVN details on FCMB USSD,

  1. Simply dial *565*0# on your registered number, it will only work on the phone number registered with your fcmb bank account.

  2. After dialling the code, wait for a few seconds and your BVN details will be displayed on your screen.


FCMB Startimes Recharge Code

FCMB provides feature code for subscribing to different Startimes bouquets. To successfully subscribe to your Startimes account using the ussd code for fcmb transfer, follow the steps below;

  1. Simply dial *322*214*Biller ID*Amount# on your mobile phone.

  2. Enter your USSD pin

  3. Your account will be automatically debited and your startimes subscription will be renewed.


FCMB Gotv Subscription Code

Subscribing to your satellite TV is a lot easier with the code for fcmb bank transfer. You can renew or pay your Gotv subscription with the fcmb gotv payment code in a matter of seconds.

To pay your Gotv subscription using the fcmb mobile code,

  1. Dial *329*2*Amount*Smart card Number#

  2. Enter your ussd code for fcmb transfer pin

  3. Your account will be automatically debited and your Gotv subscription will be renewed.



The FCMB ussd code is quick and secure to perform any transaction on your bank account without an internet connection. By using the Fcmb ussd codes, you too can enjoy the sweet features and benefits that comes with stress-free transactions.

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