Wema Bank Transfer Code - Wema Bank USSD Code

Wema Bank  Transfer Code - Wema Bank USSD Code

The Wema bank USSD code is *945#, this code is designed to assist Wema bank users to enjoy fast and secure bank transactions using their mobile without leaving the comfort of their homes, offices or businesses. 

Wema bank codes are available to every Wema bank customer. It works on all mobile devices(Android, IOS and windows) and does not require Internet connectivity. 

It can be used to carry out various kinds of transactions from bill payments, airtime or data purchase, money transfers, merchant payments and many more. So it comes in pretty handy when you need to make a transfer on your phone when banking halls have closed or you don't have access to an Internet connection.

In this article, we will discuss the Wema bank transactions codes, their benefits, features and the various transactions you can use them for.


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Table of Content:

  • Wema Bank transfer codes

  • Wema bank transfer codes to another bank

  • Wema bank code to check balance 

  • Wema bank quick loan code

  • Wema bank transfer pin

  • I forgot my Wema USSD pin

  • Wema bank recharge code

  • Wema bank Gotv subscription code


Wema Bank Transfer Codes

The Wema transfer code *945#, is an effective alternative to conventional banking, it is a simple three-digit code that allows customers to make payments and transactions from their mobile phones.

The wema bank code for transfer can be used to transfer money, pay utility bills, apply for personal loans, open an account, merchant payments, and buy airtime/data.

Over time, it has become the preferred means of carrying out banking operations because of its accessibility. The code for wema bank transfer was specifically designed to make banking more accessible for people, gone are the days of queuing in the banking hall for hours to make a simple bank transfer. 

Anyone can use the wema bank ussd transfer code for transfer for transactions, from personal account holders to small businesses as long as you have a wema bank account and a mobile phone you will use to activate the wema ussd.

It operates across all Nigerian mobile service providers and does not require an Internet connection to work.


Benefits of the Wema bank transfer codes

  • It is fast, secure and convenient.

  • No need to fill out forms.

  • You can perform numerous transactions with variations of one code.

  • It allows real-time access to your Wema bank account from your mobile phone

  • It works without an Internet connection

  • It is available across all mobile networks(Glo, Mtn, Airtel and 9mobile) in Nigeria.

  • You can make instant bill payments and money transfers from your phone.

  • The Wema bank USSD code is simple, efficient and easy to memorise.

  • It is available outside banking hours, 24/7.


Alat USSD Code

To make banking easier for its customers, Wema bank has introduced their fully digital bank- Alat. Alat banking is available for both online and wema USSD mobile banking.

In situations where your Internet services may be down or you may not feel like using the Alat app, you can use the Alat by wema ussd code to make transactions on your mobile phone.

The Alat loan ussd code is *945#, it is designed to help wema bank customers make different banking requests on their account. With the ussd code for alat by wema, you get 24 hours access to your money.

You can schedule transfers, pay bills, carry out cardless transactions, buy movie tickets and apply for collateral free loans directly from your mobile phone. 


How to activate your Wema USSD banking

  1. Dial *945*100# on the phone number connected to your Alat account.

  2. You will get a prompt to enter your Wema bank account number, enter it and press send.

  3. You will be asked to enter your date of birth, make sure you enter it correctly and press send.

  4. You will be directed to a new page, on this page you will be asked to select a secure 4 digit pin for account, enter it and confirm the pin.

  5. If its successful you will get a pop-up notification confirming that the activation is complete.

  6. You can now begin to enjoy the wema bank alat ussd service.


Wema Bank Transactions And Their Codes

Using the Wema ussd code makes banking easier, guaranteed, but you could make a mistake when using the service by typing in the wrong USSD code.

We know how it gets so these are some of the frequently used ussd codes for Wema:

Wema Bank Account Management USSD Codes

Their Transactions
Check your account balance with the code to check account balance on phone

Dial the wema bank balance code, *945*0#

Balance Enquiry

Dial *945*0#

Change USSD pin with the wema bank mobile transfer code

Dial *945*00#

Open an account with the code wema bank transfer code on phone

Dial *945*1#

Change primary account with the code to transfer wema bank

Dial *945*2*old account*newaccount#

To register account with USSD wema bank transfer code on mobile phone

Dial *945*01#

Account reactivation using the transfer code of wema bank

Dial *945*5#

Check your account with the wema account balance code

Dial *945*000#

To manage your BVN with the ussd wema bank

Dial *945*4#

For Account restrictions using the ussd code for alat wema bank

Dial *945*911#


Wema Bank Transfer USSD Code

Their Transactions
Wema bank account to other banks




Airtime/Data USSD codes 

Their Transactions
To buy Airtime/Data from your wema bank account

Dial *945*9#

To buy Airtime for self from your wema bank account

Dial the wema ussd, *945*amount# on your mobile phone

To buy Airtime for third party



Wema bank loan USSD code 

Their Transactions
For quick loans using your wema bank mobile code Dial the wema loan ussd *945*100#


Electricity bill USSD codes

Pay Electricity bill with the wema mobile banking code


For Eko axis


For Ikeja axis


For Ibadan axis


For Abuja axis


For Enugu axis


For Jos axis


For Kaduna axis


For Kano


For Portharcourt



Cable TV USSD Code

Their Transactions
To access Cable TV menu with the code to transfer from wema bank

Dial  *945*10#

To pay your DSTV subscription

*945*11# and *945*11*Smartcard number#

To pay your GOtv subscription

*945*12# and *945*12*Smartcard number#


Exams USSD codes

Their Transactions
To check WAEC results with the ussd code for wema bank transfer


To check JAMB results with the wema bank mobile code



For Cardless Transactions

Their Transactions
For Mcash 

Dial the alat ussd, *945*57# and


For Coralpay

Dial the code to transfer wema bank,  *945*58# and *945*000*Ref no#


Wema Bank Transfer Codes To Another Bank 

With the transfer code for wema bank to other banks, you can transfer money from your account to other bank accounts on your mobile device anywhere and at any time of the day that is convenient for you.

The wema bank money transfer code is easy to memorise and works if you are transferring with the same number you used to open your bank account and you have a valid bvn linked to your account.

To use the with the code to transfer money from wema bank:

  1. Dial the code to transfer money from wema bank to other bank, *945*beneficiaryAccount number*Amount#.
  2. For example, dial the transfer code wema bank *945*0123456789*5000# to transfer the sum of 5000 naira.


Wema Bank Code To Check Balance

You can check your account number with the Wema bank account balance code:

  1. Dial the code for wema bank account balance, *945*0# on the phone number linked to your wema bank account.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts.
  3. Your account balance will be displayed on your phone screen or sent to you via sms.


Wema Bank Quick Loan Code

Wema bank allows its customers apply for personal loans through their USSD service this product is super beneficial.

You can You can apply for the wema bank quick loan by simply dialing the ussd code for wema bank loan, *945*65# on your mobile phone.

This wema bank loan short code is only available for existing wema account users who operate a salary current or savings account.

New customers who want to enjoy this service will need to provide evidence of consistent salary payments for the most recent three months.


How To Make A Quick Personal Loan Request With The Wema Bank Loan USSD Code

  1. Dial the wema shortcode, *945*65# on your mobile phone using the phone number you used to register your Wema bank account 

  2. Follow the on-screen prompts, the loan will be disbursed into your account if successful.


Things You Need To Know About The Wema Bank Loan

  1. The wema bank ussd loan is available only to existing wema bank account holder.

  2. It has a maximum loan tenor of 36 months.

  3. You can apply for the ussd wema bank loan top up after 6 months of regular repayments.


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Wema Bank Transfer Pin 

Before you can enjoy the Wema bank ussd service, you must activate. This pin will be required in authenticate all USSD transactions on your phone.

It is advised that you use a wema bank pin that is secure and you can easily remember anytime you need to perform transactions or make payments.


How To Activate Your Wema Bank Transfer Pin

To activate your transfer pin, follow the steps below;

  1. Dial the wema bank transfer code pin, *945*5# on the phone number connected to your Wema bank account

  2. Follow the onscreen prompts.


I Forgot My Wema USSD Pin

If you can’t remember your ussd pin or pin is not working, no need to fret or panic. Simply visit the nearest Wema bank branch to you and meet a customer service agent for assistance on resetting or reactivating your Wema ussd pin OR call 070CALLALAT.


How To Reset Your Wema USSD Pin

The Wema bank USSD pin must be kept safely at all times, anyone who has access to your pin can easily make transactions on your account without your notice.

If you feel your code for transfer in wema bank pin is compromised, you can quickly reset your pin with the ussd code for alat transactions on your mobile phone. To reset:

  1. Dial *945# or the phone number that is linked to your Wema bank account

  2. Press 8 to go to the next prompt, then press the option 2, reset or change your pin.

  3. Enter your current USSD pin

  4. Enter your preferred new PIN

  5. Confirm your pin


  1. You can use the wema bank short code *945*00# and follow the onscreen prompts.
  2. Your transfer code wema bank pin will be reset immediately.
  3. You can now perform transactions with your new wema bank online transfer code pin.


Wema Bank Recharge Code 

The Wema bank ussd code for transfer recharge code is available for you to use whenever you need an airtime or data top up and you do not want to go through the stress of buying from a vendor.

You can use the wemabank code to buy airtime for your self or your family and friends. It is available on all mobile networks and directly debits your Wema bank account to complete the transaction.


Airtime top up(self)

To buy airtime for yourself with the wema ussd transfer code, *945*Amount#:

  1. For example, dial *945*1000# to buy 1000 naira worth of airtime for yourself.
  2. The airtime will be sent immediately to the number used to perform the transaction.


Airtime top up(third party)

To buy airtime for a third party with the ussd for wema bank, *945*recipients phoneno*Amount#:

  1. For example, dial *945*08012345689*1000# to buy 1000 naira worth of airtime from your account.


Note that: This service only works if you use the phone number that is linked to your account.


Wema Bank Gotv Subscription Code

Another amazing feature of the wema alat ussd code is that you can pay for your Gotv subscription directly on your mobile phone without hassle. To do this:

  1. Dial the wema bank short code, *945*12# and *945*12*Smartcardno#.
  2. Then follow the onscreen prompts.


Wema Bank is regarded as one of the most tech savvy banks in Nigeria and dedicated customers can attest to this. By using the wema bank ussd code, you too can enjoy the benefits that comes with a seamless transaction.


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