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VFD Group is a proprietary investment company that focuses on building positive and socially conscious ecosystems by aggregating potentially viable business with the objective of creating innovative products and solutions that are accessible to the everyday Nigerian citizen and entrepreneur. VFD Group was founded by skilled professionals with diverse experience, qualifications and backgrounds. As a team, we identified the gap between both individuals and small businesses and their banking experiences and set out to bridge the divide. We discovered that despite the size of the formal financial sector, the informal sector is greater still and that there are immense opportunities for value creation within this informal sector. Considering that, we developed a business model that allows us to operate in every area of the financial industry through our portfolio, providing Financial Advisory, Asset Management, Currency, Real Estate, Debt Services and Private Funds Management Services, taking deposits and providing loans at very competitive rates. In all our endeavours, we are fully cognizant of the risks that come with pioneering innovation and working within the informal sector. The diverse backgrounds and combined expertise of our Management and Board have enabled us to develop a versatile team of in-house risk managers, thoroughly enabling us to mitigate these risks.

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