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Funding Opportunities at African Fact-Checking

Facts matter. Every day across Africa, people make decisions, big and small. To do this, they rely on publicly available information. Often that information is misleading or just plain wrong.

Rumours that the polio vaccine caused infertility and was part of a plot to reduce the Muslim population rippled across northern Nigeria in 2002 and 2003. 

The baseless claims were shared in communities and believed by leaders of several states in the region, who then fomented a boycott of the vaccination campaign against polio. This led to a surge in cases.

Compounding the problem of public distrust was that the media reported these claims without interrogating them.  

By the time the harmful claims were withdrawn, the damage had been done. The devastating disease, which was on the retreat worldwide, spread to other West African countries, and the world. 

The impact of this false information in Nigeria made it clear that Africa needed an organisation dedicated to holding public figures accountable for what they said, and debunking dangerous false statements.

Our holistic approach to fact-checking includes publishing reports and factsheets, media literacy, running awards and training journalists