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ADDAX Petroleum Scholarships

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      • 2019 NNPC/ADDAX Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduate

      • ADDAX Petroleum Nigeria ivites suitable candidates for the 2019 nayional merit tertiary institution scholarship award scheme. Please note that the portal is open to Addax Undergraduate Scholarship Existing Awardees only. Kindly ignore if you did not already on the Addax Scholarship Scheme as your ap
Addax Petroleum’s mission is to create sustainable economic and social value through successful exploration and production of oil and gas resources. We believe that core values are important to our business as they build the cultural context in which the company evolves, define how employees interact with each another and shape the attitudes adopted towards all stakeholders. Integrity through action – Enforcing integrity through action means conducting our business ethically and developing a culture of accountability for everything we do. Harmony through diversity – Ensuring harmony through diversity means building a culture of inclusion and a work environment that is supportive and collaborative. Value creation through excellence – Creating value through excellence means performing consistently to deliver both economic results and social progress. Respect for people and cultural diversity form the underlying principles to develop and maintain effective relationships, mutual trust and confidence. By establishing this as a priority, Addax Petroleum encourages a spirit of harmonious cooperation among the employees as a cornerstone for dynamic and sustainable growth to the mutual benefit of all, both individually and collectively.

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