Top 20 Reasons To Study Abroad 2024

Top 20 Reasons To Study Abroad 2024

Have you ever thought of studying abroad? Then this article is for you. Whether you are a Nigerian looking at studying in the UK, USA, Canada or other parts of the world, or you are an expatriate in other countries looking at studying in some of the top first-world nations, then these are the top 20 reasons why you shouldn’t give up on that dream, you should study abroad – you deserve this.

Studying abroad comes with lots of benefits, these are the top 20 reasons you should study abroad. We divided these into three categories or reasons; academic reasons, personal reasons and general life reasons. See below the specific reasons.

Academic Reasons

  1. Get a World Class Education

The most important reason to study abroad is the access to a world class education that comes with the first-world nations, popularly called western countries. No matter how we try to paint it, the curriculum of our third-world nations are outdated and can’t match the sophistications and novelty that the westerns bring.


  1. Explore Numerous Career Possibilities you Probably Couldn’t Imagine

Nigeria and many other developing and undeveloped nations in general lack sophisticated methods in training and education. This limits what her students can imagine in terms of career possibilities. Take for example, courses in aerodynamics, nanotechnology and a host of other areas are relatively sophisticated and novel, and studying in Nigerian doesn’t give you the opportunity to imagine it, much more studying it.


  1. Discover New Areas of Interests and Passion

This is very similar to career possibilities. Not until you get exposed to some certain environment, you might never really know what you are actually passionate about – all will just be sheer assumption, going for anything that comes. Leaving your environment might be just that spark you need to discover new passion, which can be a very good foundation for your career-paths ultimately.


  1. Get Admission in Top Class Graduate School and Lecturers

The likes of Yale, Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge are not in the league with other local universities that you know. Their medical, business, and technical schools are top, with state-of-the-art technologies to match the skills of the experienced lecturers. This is a major reason to study abroad.


  1. Build a Variation of So Many Languages

Studying in a country with a different language from your home country will give you the opportunity to learn their language. In some countries with more than one languages, this becomes more advantageous, as you can become a world class presenter, anchor, or even a writer as a result of these unusual skill.

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  1. An Additional Language is always an Advantage

This finally leads to more advantages in employment opportunities. For example, in most ambassadorial or other related international relations employment, multiple languages will always make you stand out. This is because, every rational employer wants more to less. If I have the opportunity to hire an individual with multiple languages or another with one language, both with similar skills and experiences for an international relations job, relatively, will I go for the latter? Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. Use a Different Style and More Sophisticated Methods to Learn

The way we learn in Nigeria is still limited to conventional class room and white board, the world has gone past this. Schools abroad are more practical, teaching with more sophisticated methods such as simulations, practical exercise and lots of teaching aids. This tend to encourage more learning from their students.

Personal Reasons

  1. Rare Addition to Your Resume

Schooling in the USA or Canada is always an added advantage when you return back to the country and embed this in your CV or resume. For some employers, they believe these students are more employable due to the trainings they undergo abroad. And ‘not surprisingly’, most of these employers are right.


  1. Know the World from Your Own Perspective

All you know about life shouldn’t be from hear-say alone or from the worlds of third parties. Nothing beats a first-hand experience or hearing from the horses mount. All the tales you have heard about the Eifel Tower or Status of Liberty cannot be the same or compared to when you see it yourself. It is magical.


  1. Get So Many New Friends for Life

Friends make life more interesting. This is irrespective of your personality type – whether introvert or extrovert, you need a friend. But then, there is little to how much you can make from where you were born or grew up in. If you would have made so much more, you probably would have by now. But coming to a new environment, sort of imposes that on you. You will see yourself making new friends easily, due to so many reasons of course.

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  1. The Food, You Don’t Want To Miss It

Visiting a place, without really having a taste of their food is not totally a good experience. People are known by their food, which is one of the best expression of who they are and what they stand for. Studying abroad will give you this opportunity.


  1. Going for Holiday is Different from Living There

This cannot be overemphasized. That you visited London in the last summer break and spent one week, is completely different from when you go there to study a course for two whole years. The weather is different, comfort and people and etc. You will discover more the longer you stay.

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  1. Help you Increase your International Job Prospects

Having a school history in the UK or US, whether undergraduate or masters, it increases your chances of getting employment in same or similar countries. It is assumed that you already know how that country behaves and can easily adapt. And this really, is a no brainer.


  1. It’s for Your Personal Growth and Development

Every step you take is either for your good or bad. Your journey to discovery and exploit might just have begun the day you take a step to visit the US. This goes beyond academic or educational, you learn so much more. Lessons that will make you better in the long run.

Life Reasons

  1. See Other Countries’ Kind of Cultures

We may never know what others perceive as appropriate or not until we visit them. Life is bigger than it seems when you stare from your balcony. The child in Brazil thinks differently about sport, the way the child in Kenya does. Differences in culture that you experience in other countries may just be the greatest paradigm shift you will ever have.

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  1. Unconventional Life Experiences

Things you don’t see every day are unconventional. You don’t see people lying in bed by 9am in the morning in your small town might be a shocker to you when you come across lots of willingly unemployed citizens of some countries who refuse to work, but get other social securities that they live by. This and many more, will teach you many life lessons.


  1. You Will Learn That Insignificant Things Matter

Not until you visit the city of Mumbai in Indian, you may never know how valuable it is to have a three square meal. In your journey in life across different countries, you will realize that it is actually the little things that matter.


  1. It Gives You Independence from Family

Sometimes, independence may be difficult to get, especially when your parents are the protective type, due to many reasons like being the first or only child. However, sometimes you might want a bit of adventure, a bit of fun, a bit of going around without the constant monitoring of your parents or guardians. When this happens, it might just be the reason why you need to study abroad.


  1. You Suddenly Become A Grown Man or Woman

Not until you leave your comfort zones, you might never really become that adult. Uncomfortable situations sometimes bring the best out of us, and leaving the country to study abroad might just be what you need.


  1. You Will Realize that Family is Irreplaceable

This is the most important lesson you might ever learn in life. And it will be very difficult to teach if you have your parents, siblings and other loved ones around you all the time. You don’t need to lose them before you realize their help, you might just need to miss them for one year, then you will discover their irreplaceability in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the top three benefits for studying abroad?

World Class University

New Career Possibilities

Discover New Area of Interests

  1. What are examples of countries I can go to study as an expatriate?

Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Austria, and Netherlands and more.

  1. Will studying abroad make me a better person or worse off?

It depends, but all things being equal, it will make you a better person.

  1. The educational styles of the US and Nigerian, which is better?

US offers state-of-the art education facilities with the brightest of minds as lecturers. US is better.

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