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Mozilla Open Internet Engineering Fellowships 2019/2020 for Tech Engineers in Developing Countries

 In countries with low internet penetration, one of the chief causes is often a lack of experienced network engineers. Without network engineering expertise, residents cannot build critical infrastructure.

The fellowship is seeking Fellows for open internet engineering: developers who can help bring the unconnected?—?roughly four billion users in the Global South and remote locations?—?online.

These Fellowships are made possible by a collaboration between Mozilla, the Internet Society, and the Network Startup Resource Center. We’re investing $500,000 in the project?—?and seeking additional funding partners to expand the impact in the years to come.


Aim and Benefits

This Fellowship track will support individuals with deep engineering experience who want to lead the buildout of a transformative infrastructure project in their community. These fellows might build Internet Exchange Points that increase network efficiency; connect unconnected schools or community centers; or spearhead the construction of national data centers. Fellows will work in concert with local government, community anchor institutions, and other technologists, and will leverage open standards and software. Fellows will receive a stipend during their 12-month fellowship, as well as mentorship from host organizations like the Internet Society and the Network Startup Resource Center. Fellows will also receive mentorship from Mozilla staff.

List of Courses for Undergraduate Scholarship

Requirments for Scholarship Undergraduate Qualification

> The fellowship is open to applications from early- to mid-career internet engineering professionals around the world.
> Applicants must come from and be resident in a country with low internet penetration, and must have demonstrated expertise in internet network design and development.
> Applicants will identify a challenge/opportunity for open internet development in their country or region, and demonstrate how they can influence/address it.
> Applicants will nominate their preferred host organization, and Mozilla will leverage our years of experience in running fellowship programs to find the best host org-fellow fit.
> Finally, the design of the selection process will ensure a diverse and balanced cohort

Application Deadline

June 10, 2019 .

How to apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Mozilla on to apply

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