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Marshal Papworth Scholarships

The Marshal Papworth Fund provides opportunities for students from developing countries to gain the agricultural and horticultural skills needed to achieve a sustainable future for themselves and their communities Staying true to the vision of our founder, Marshal Papworth, is central to our activity. When the Fund was established in 2001 by monies bequeathed by Marshal it was hoped that a handful of students would benefit from our scholarship. Fast forward to today and over 215 agricultural and horticultural students from developing countries have benefitted from our scholarship programme. With our help they have been able to adopt life changing, land-based skills and facilitate sustainable farming in their communities, firmly embedding valuable practices for generations to come. Over the next 10 years’ we want to help more individuals and communities to benefit from our work. With the help of the East of England Agricultural Society, our dedicated committee members and our many supporters we want to attract funding that will enable us to maintain the great work of our charity for another 25 years, while helping an additional 500 plus students worldwide to grow themselves out of hunger.

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