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Lagos State Scholarship Board Scholarships

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Ultimate Provision of educational assistance to the needy for the development of Lagos State is our Priority. The Lagos State Scholarship Board is the State Government’s organ established in February 1968 shortly after the creation of the State to be in charge of Bursary, Scholarship and other educational related matters. FUNCTIONS Serves as advisory body and policy formulation organ on all scholarship matters (both local and foreign) of the State Government. In charge of administration and award of scholarships. In charge of administration of Bursary Award to all deserving indigenes of the State, running full time courses in Tertiary Institutions within the country Liaises between the Federal and Lagos State Government on Scholarship related matters. Such as the Nigeria awards Assists in coordinating different Scholarship Awards of the Federal Government to the citizens of the state e.g. Commonwealth and Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA).

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