Moniepoint Account Opening – How to Open Moniepoint Account

Moniepoint Account Opening – How to Open Moniepoint Account

Looking for detailed guide on how to open a Moniepoint personal account? You have it right here! It is straightforward to open a Moniepoint personal account, as the requirements are easily accessible.

Simply follow the instructions in this article on how to open a Moniepoint personal account, and you'll be able to start using the platform right away.


Article Content:

  • Requirements for opening a Moniepoint personal account

  • How to Open a Moniepoint Account

  • Tips to Ensure Your ID Verification is Successful

  • How to Make Payments on the Moniepoint App

  • Benefits of Opening a Moniepoint Personal Account

  • Tips for Using Your Moniepoint Personal Account

  • Frequently Asked Questions On How To Open Moniepoint Personal Account

  • Conclusion


Requirements for Opening a Moniepoint Account

There are several fundamental prerequisites you need to open a Moniepoint account, which include:

  • Valid Phone Number:  A valid phone number will be needed for your account and also used for your account number.

  • Mobile Phone: You will need this to register for a Moniepoint personal account. 

  • Stable Internet Connection: You need this to download the Moniepoint app.

  • The Moniepoint App: The Moniepoint mobile app is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play store. 

  • Means of Identification: For the account verification process, you will need a valid means of identification, such as your national ID card, driver's license, or an international passport. 

  • Bank Verification Number: You will also need your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to open a Moniepoint account. 

  • Personal Data: During the registration procedure, you will need to include your full name name, birthdate, and email address.


How to Open a Moniepoint Account

Below is a detailed guide on how you can easily open a Moniepoint personal account:

  • Download the Moniepoint App

How to do this is:

  1. Open your Google Play Store if you are using an Android phone or Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device.

  2. Tap the Moniepoint icon and install the app.

  • Personal Information

The next step is for you to add your personal information. This means you need to enter your name, contact information (including phone number and email address), and a strong password. Ensure all the information is correct.

  • Verify Your Account

You'll receive a verification code by SMS once you've provided your info.  You can ask for the verification to be sent again if you do not get the code immediately.

  • Set Up Your Wallet

Next, set up your wallet by creating a PIN you'll use to authorize transactions on Moniepoint. Make sure the password you select is reliable and simple for you to remember.

  • Fund Your Account

Your Moniepoint wallet will now need to be funded after being set up. You can accomplish this by connecting your bank account or by using your debit card to make a deposit. Follow the instructions to complete the deposit process.

  • Start Using Your Account

You can start making financial transactions with your Moniepoint account fully functional.


Tips to Ensure Your ID Verification is Successful

Here are some tips to make sure your ID verification is successful:

  • Take a clear picture of your face 

  • Use clear images of the requested documents

  • Ensure all edges of the paper are captured if you use the live capture document verification feature


How to Make Payments on the MoniePoint App

You have learned how to open the Moniepoint app, now let’s look at how to make payment on the app. 

  • Log into your account by opening the MoniePoint app

  • Select "Payments" from the app's bottom menu

  • Select the payment option you want to use, such as a transfer, airtime purchase, or bill payment

  • Enter the recipient's bank information if you're sending a transfer

  • Enter the sum you wish to send 

  • Check the payment information to make sure it is accurate

  • To confirm the payment, enter your standard 4-digit PIN


Benefits of Opening a Moniepoint Personal Account

You can bank on Moniepoint account with confidence. It is an easy-to-use platform where you can make all your transactions at any moment.

  • Easy Banking: Moniepoint allows you to make financial transactions such as airtime and bill payments on your mobile smartphone.

  • Fast and Reliable: Moniepoint processes transactions rapidly and allows you to complete your transaction in seconds, which is faster than traditional banking procedures.

  • Cheap Charges: Moniepoint's transaction fees are modest, making it the perfect and cost-effective financial platform for you.

  • Vast Range Of Services: Moniepoint can be used for a wide variety of services, including money transfers, utility payments, airtime purchases, and so on. As a result, this platform is adaptable and suitable for a variety of financial purposes.

  • Highly Secured: Moniepoint employs numerous levels of protection to protect your transactions and personal information. These transactions are encrypted and highly secured, reducing the possibility of fraud.


Tips for Using Your Moniepoint Personal Account

  • Use Strong and Unique Passwords: For increased protection, using a special password can be a wonderful way to start.

  • Use a Secure Wireless Network: When using your Moniepoint app, stay away from insecure, public Wi-Fi networks. By using an unprotected network, your personal information can be compromised.

  • Avoid Email Phishing: Phishing is a type of online scam when fraudsters send emails posing as official businesses and request critical information from the people they target. Requests for login credentials, payment information, or other sensitive information, suspicious or unexpected attachments, inconsistent email addresses, links, and domain names, offers that seem too good to be true, demands for immediate action, poor grammar and spelling, an unfamiliar greeting or salutation, etc. are all signs of phishing. 

  • Monitor Your Account Statements: Remember to carefully study your Moniepoints statements, keeping an eye on any eStatements or printed statements you receive in the mail so you can report any unauthorized or suspicious behavior right away.

  • Regular Update: Regularly update the anti-virus and anti-spyware software on all of your gadgets with the most recent versions and updates. Regular updating of your computer, especially its operating system and important apps, can add a layer of protection, safeguarding your sensitive information.


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Open Moniepoint Personal Account

Here you have answers to some of the questions Moniepoint users and non-users may ask about the platform. 

  1. How long does it take to start using the account after verification?

Your account will be activated and you can start utilizing MoniePoint's services as soon as your BVN has been verified.

  1. What do I need to open a Moniepoint personal account?

A working email address, phone number, your BVN, a computer or smartphone that is capable of connecting to the internet, and a legitimate form of identity (driver's license, international passport, NIN slip, or PVC)

  1. What is Moniepoint USSD code?

MoniePoint USSD code is *555#

  1. Do I need a BVN to create a Moniepoint Personal account?

Yes. You need to enter your BVN (Bank Verification Number) to complete your account registration.

  1. Can I open Moniepoint account from the web?

Yes. You can visit the Moniepoint website to open an account. 



Now you are good to go! Open your Moniepoint Personal account today and enjoy seamless digital transactions at their peak.

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