How to Register for Coronavirus Vaccination in Nigeria - Registration Form for COVID-19 Vaccination

How to Register for Coronavirus Vaccination in Nigeria - Registration Form for COVID-19 Vaccination

Coronavirus. The greatest deal breaker in history. 2020 was one of the darkest periods in the chronicles of humankind. The unknown enemy put all of us at stalemate. Flights were cancelled, jobs were lost, food was scarce, inflation was at its peak, schools were closed, businesses were shut down and sadly lives were taken. How painful! Would you like to get the COVID - 19 Vaccine but don't know how? Here is a thorough article on type of vaccines in Nigeria and a step by step guide on how to register for the COVID - 19 Vaccination.

After Nigeria confirmed the first case of Covid - 19 in late February 2020, the virus spread profusely in Lagos, Ogun state and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).  Lockdowns were imposed across most cities in Nigeria with immediate effect. Export demands were declined due to the rescission globally. In fact, during the lockdown, Nigeria's GDP  fell 23%. Household incomes also dropped. So the national poverty rate increased by 9%.

But in the late months of 2020, all hands were on deck. Science and world governments joined their hands in putting a stop to this mess. Then on the 2nd of March  2021, vaccines were provided to curb the number of Covid-19 cases or at least fortify the immune system and generate antibodies against coronavirus.  So today, you will learn how to register for Coronavirus Vaccination in Nigeria.


The following will be discussed:

  • The current effect of covid-19 in Nigeria
  • Coronavirus Vaccination in Nigeria
  • The Vaccine in Nigeria
  • The Efficacy and Side Effects
  • Vaccination Process
  • Vaccination Registration Form
  • Step by step Guide on how to complete the Registration for Covid-19  form
  • Order of Covid-19 vaccination
  • Covid - 19 Vaccination Centers in Nigeria
  • Contact details
  • 20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Current State Of Covid - 19 In Nigeria

Currently, the economic downturn is a product of declining oil prices and spillovers from the Covid - 19 outbreak. Although Nigeria is not in a state of total or partial lockdown, the public health and economy is yet to recover. Let's be more specific. Between the period of 21st March to 04th April 2021, 1,462 cases have been added to NCDC reports. This makes it a total sum of 163,113 cases in Nigeria. No reported deaths within the last 14 days. The total death report is 2,058. Don't you think that this is worrisome?


Coronavirus Vaccination in Nigeria

Since the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines shipped by COVAX on the 2nd of  March 2021, the total doses of Covid-19 given in Nigeria are 277, 458. There is no data concerning the number of doses given within the last 14 days. There is no data concerning the number of people fully vaccinated within the last two weeks. Now this raises a number of concerns. Why? On the 2nd of March 2021, nearly 4 million Covid 19 vaccine doses were received in Nigeria. Yet, only some 277, 500 doses have been given. Can you see where we are driving at? These numbers report that millions of Nigerians are still exposed to this unmerciful enemy called Coronavirus.

So, our dear readers, how can you make sure that you get fully vaccinated and stand the big chance to escape or survive Covid - 19?


The COVID - 19 Vaccine in Nigeria

There are 4 types of Covid -19 vaccines

  • AstraZeneca / Oxford
  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Johnson's and Johnson's

Three were majorly destined for distribution in Nigeria (AstraZeneca /Oxford, Pfizer and Moderna). However, the suitability of the vaccines had to be considered from the storage point of view.

 So unlike the rest types of vaccines, AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine only needs to be kept under normal refrigerating conditions of 2° to 8° degree Celsius. This is more applicable to Nigeria's unpredictable power supply.


The Efficacy and Side Effects of the Astrazeneca / Oxford in Nigeria

It is assumed  that AstraZeneca's vaccine is cost - effective. The reports affirm that this vaccine is 68 % effective against symptomatic Covid19 infection after two doses spaced four weeks apart and 100% effective against severe illness and hospitalization.

The side effects of AstraZeneca / Oxford are just like those of other Covid - 19 vaccines. They include:

  • Potential injection site pain
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Pain


The COVID - 19 Vaccination Process

After the arrival of Covid-19 vaccine doses in Nigeria on the 2nd of March 2021, the vaccination process has been shaped into three stages:

Initialization stage:

Front line workers would be the first to be vaccinated. This include the strategic leaders of the country such as the President, the Vice President, State Governors etc, the health workers, the military, the custom officers, the police and the oil and gas workers. This order is meant to enhance public confidence and affirm the safety of the vaccine.

Second stage:

The second stage of the vaccination process involves addressing those Nigerian citizens who would fare worse if they contract the virus. So the elderly of 50 and above with medical conditions.

Third stage:

This last phase relates to full sensitisation of Covid - 19 vaccination targeting the age group of 18 - 49 with or without medical condition. It has been observed that the years of perceived government failure in solving societal and humanitarian affairs has created  mistrust pertaining to the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. So the government and its agents has shouldered the responsibility of consistently creating awareness and saving the lives of Nigerians.


The COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Form

In order to get vaccinated, you are expected to register online. What would you need? A mobile device and an uninterrupted internet connection. Plain Jane! Once you have these, you can simply visit the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCA) registration portal. The link is:


Step by Step Guide on How to Complete the Registration Form for COVID-19

Once you click on the link, a pop up message will appear stating that your data will be safely stored. Once close the pop - up message, you will be introduced to the Registration Form for Covid-19 Vaccination. This form consists of 17 questions.


In the beginning, you fill your bio - data:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Gender


This will be followed by your contact information:

  •  Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Residential Address
  • Type of ID


Afterwards you will fill the location for your vaccination:

  • Preferred State of Vaccination
  • Preferred Local Government Area for Vaccination
  • Preferred Vaccination Site


Then you will asked if you work in the Health Sector, your medical condition and your history of allergies.


Finally, you will be asked to upload a photo of your face only (not mandatory) and then type a four - digit code.


Then hit submit.


You will then receive a message stating that your registration has been completed. Here is what you will receive:

Registration Completed!  Your Vaccination ID is:

Your data is successfully received.

Thank you for taking the time to fill the form, you will receive an SMS and email shortly containing your Vaccination No. and other instructions.”


Order of COVID - 19 Vaccination

  1. As earlier described, the order of vaccination begins with frontline health workers who are at high risk of exposure. The political leaders the military, the custom officers, the police will follow.
  2. Subsequently, the second set of  the roll out will aim at  adults aged 50 and older (with or without an underlying disease) but starting with those aged 60 and older.
  3. Afterwards, the next target is  anyone aged 18–49 with underlying disease (such as hypertension, diabetes, lung disease, cancers and heart conditions).
  4. As more vaccines are available, the vaccines expand to anyone in the age of 18 - 49 without any underlying disease condition.


COVID - 19 Vaccination Centers

The Covid 19 vaccination centers are located across all 36 states of Nigeria and FCT. While filling your registration form, your preferred Local Government Area for vaccination will determine the closest vaccination center for you.


Contact Details for COVID - 19 Vaccine Registration

For more information and update, you can simply contact 0700 220 1122 or send an email to [email protected].


20 Frequently Asked Questions Registration Form for the COVID - 19 Vaccination (FAQ)


1.Is the Covid-19 Vaccine free in Nigeria?

Yes. There are no charges attached to the Covid-19 vaccine.


2. What is the percentage of efficacy of AstraZeneca / Oxford?

Is is posited that the the efficacy  of AstraZeneca / Oxford is 68%.


3. Do I need to maintain social distancing and wear face masks after the vaccination?

Yes. Don't lower your guard. Strictly adhere to non - pharmaceuticals measures such as hand washing and social distancing. The safety measures and the Covid-19 vaccination work hand in hand.


4. What vaccine is currently in use in Nigeria?

The vaccine currently in use in Nigeria is AstraZeneca / Oxford


5. Why is the Pfizer vaccine not in Nigeria?

Pfizer was initially targeted for Nigeria but later prioritized   countries with more severe numbers of cases in Africa such as South Africa. Furthermore, the storage demand of Pfizer do not suitably correspond to the poor power supply conditions in Nigeria.


6. Can I get vaccinated if I had Covid-19?

Yes. The vaccine may add extra layer of protection and strengthen your immune system.


7. How do I know if I have registered successfully for the Covid-19 vaccination?

After you fill the registration form and hit the Submit button, you will receive the following message:

"Registration Completed!  Your Vaccination ID is:

Your data is successfully received.

Thank you for taking the time to fill the form, you will receive an SMS and email shortly containing your Vaccination No. and other instructions.”


8. How do I know when I will be scheduled for the vaccination?

Your scheduled appointment will depend on whether you work as health worker, your history of medical condition and your age.


9. Will I be give a specific code after registering for the Covid-19 vaccine?

After registering, you will receive a message that includes the Vaccination ID.


10. Does the AstaZeneca / Oxford vaccine have side effects?

The side effects that you may experience are the same with any form of injection. These may be:

  • Potential injection site pain
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Pain


11. Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe?

Yes. Health Workers and strategic political leaders affirm that its safe for use.


12. Who are the first to take the Covid - 18 vaccine?

The first recipients of Covid-19 Vaccine are health workers and other front - line workers.


13. How many vaccines has Nigeria received?

Nigeria has received 3.9 million doses of vaccine on the 2nd March 2021..


14. How many doses is Nigeria targeting?

Nigeria aims at receiving 41 million doses for the year 2020.


15. Which agency facilitates the registration and Covid - 19 vaccination?

It is the National Primary Health Development Agency. It captures the data in the registration form and schedules your appointment for vaccination.


16. What is the minimum year for taking the Covid 19 vaccine?

The minimum age is 18 years old.


17. Who was  the first person  to register in Nigeria?

Osindeinde Ademilayo Abodede, a healthcare worker was the first recipient of the vaccine.


18. Is AstraZeneca better that Pfizer?

It is posited that Pfizer has a higher level of efficacy than AstaZeneca / Oxford. Unlike Pfizer, AstraZeneca / Oxford can easily be stored in normal refrigeration conditions.


19. Will the private sector issue Covid - 19 vaccines?

For now, only government agencies can procure the vaccines.


20. Is there resistance to the available vaccines?

Yes. There is a distrust and people are being skeptical about the government's ability to develop a plan. However, Nigerians are advised to discared any form of doubt and proceed with the vaccination.



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