Cheapest Country to Study for Nigerian Students

Cheapest Country to Study for Nigerian Students

Do you want to study abroad but worried about tuition fees? In this article, we present to you the Cheapest Countries to study for Nigerian Students.

When planning to study abroad, the first thing you should do is check if you have enough money to fund your desired program. Amazingly enough, it is very possible to study a higher education degree on a budget, regardless of your nationality. There are many countries that offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for cheap tuition or no tuition fees. These countries have become a preferred choice among Nigerian students.

Cheap tuition makes education accessible to students from different economic backgrounds, reducing the financial barrier that may prevent students from pursuing their dreams. For years now, it has been the Nigerian dream to further higher education abroad. Till today, money remains the biggest hindrance for a lot of Nigerian students. When students are burdened by high tuition fees, it discourages them moving further in their academic pursuits. 

If you would like to study a degree at cheap tuition fees, read on for our pick on the 20 cheapest country to study abroad for Nigerian students.

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  • Table Showing 20 Cheapest Countries and their average yearly tuition fee

  • Cheapest Countries for International Students


Table Showing 20 Cheapest Countries and their average yearly tuition fee



Tuition Fee



€7000 - €12,000



€300 - €20000



$5000 - $6000



€7000 - €9000



$1600 - $2500



€950 - €1250



$3000 - $20000



€5000 - €7500



€2000 - €4000



€170 - €650



MYR5000 - MYR7000



$350 - $5500



$2000 -$8000


South Africa

€1500 - €3850


Saudi Arabia

€3336 - €20000



€1675 - €1785



€7500 - €25500



€1040 - €2083



$400 - $800


New Zealand 

$4100 - $6100


Cheapest Countries for Nigerian Students

In no particular order, here are the cheapest countries to study for Nigerian Students.

  1. Ireland

Home to some of the best schools, Ireland is the cheapest european countries to study abroad and get high quality education at affordable tuition fees. In Ireland, the higher education system is one of the best in Europe. This english speaking country to study provides higher education through 3 different sectors, private independent colleges, university and institutes of technology. These educational institutions are ranked in the cheapest countries to study for international students. Offering excellent courses to international students from different parts of the world. These courses can be taken at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, with tuition fees starting for as low as €3000. 

Most undergraduate courses are free for students who are citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. These courses are usually funded by the Higher education authorities. To enjoy this free , you have to apply directly for government funding to see if you're eligible. 

Average Tuition Fee: €7000 to €12,000

Average Cost of living: €550 to €1000

Cheapest Universities in Ireland


  1. Germany

In Germany, you can generally study undergraduate programs for free. This means that tuition fee will be completely waived for all non German students who want to study in public universities in Germany. The free education initiative was created to make sure international students have access to German education without worrying too much about finances.

Most courses are taught in English so you don't have to be fluent or even learn German before you study in Germany. It is already pretty stressful moving to a new country with a new culture and language different from yours. The comfort of studying for free and in a language you understand helps you ease into the new environment.

Average Tuition Fee: €300 - €20000

Average Cost of living: €800 to €1000

Cheapest Universities in Germany


  1. Mexico

One of the best places to study on a budget is Mexico, with lots of exciting opportunities and a very interesting culture. It is one of the cheapest country to study medicine and live in the world.

There are 6 official institutions in Mexico that offer higher education degrees, including, Public Universities, Technological Institutions and Universities, Teacher Training Institutes, and Private Institutions. Fees vary depending on the institution or program you choose to study. You should expect your fees to come to an average of $6000 per year studying in Mexico. Living costs are also quite cheap, you can live comfortably on about $600 - $1000 per month.

Average Tuition Fee: $6000 per year 

Average Cost of living: $600 to $1000

Cheapest Universities in Mexico


  1. Norway

A Scandinavian country popularly known for its beautiful landscapes and unique tourist attractions. Although an expensive country, It's still one of the best countries with low tuition fee for international students to get quality education at very affordable rates. International students can study a wide range of undergraduate programs completely free at Norwegian public universities.

Students will only have to pay for necessary expenditures like transportation, housing and administrative fees. The average tuition fee of masters programs is usually within the range of 1000 - 2000 NOK per year.

Average Tuition Fee: €7000 -  €9000

Average Cost of living: €800 to €1400

Cheapest Universities in Norway


  1. Taiwan

Taiwan is home to international students who enjoy quality education at very cheap tuition fees. Studying in Taiwan is the best investment you can make for your education. It is the cheapest country to study computer science in Asia.

You can get a good quality education in an environment. Although a good number of the courses are offered in English, you also get the opportunity to learn Mandarin. Tuition Fee for undergraduate degree starts from around TW$51,000 - NT$78,000 per year(~$1650 - $2500).

Average Tuition Fee: $1600 - $2500

Average Cost of living: $900 to $1100

Cheapest Universities in Taiwan 


  1. Portugal

In addition to being among cheapest country for mbbs, Portugal also makes for the perfect study destination for Nigerian students. Its focus on quality education, its safety and good quality of life are just a few of the many reasons why international student move to Portugal for studies. Nigerian students enrolled into an eligible university in Portugal can enjoy low tuition fees, and fully funded grants and government scholarships.

Average Tuition Fee: €950 - €1250

Average Cost of living: €500 to €800

Cheapest Universities in Portugal 


  1. Argentina

International students enjoy tuition free education for undergraduate degrees. Argentina is one of the cheapest places to study abroad for international students because of so many reasons, good quality education, reasonable tuition fee and rich culture and history. Private universities charge from as low as $3000 - $20000 annually for undergraduate courses and $2,300 to $27,000 for postgraduate courses.

Average Tuition Fee: Public Schools are Tuition free, Private schools - $3000 - $20000

Average Cost of living: $500 to $1400

Cheapest Universities in Argentina 


  1. Hungary

Hungary is undoubtedly one of the cheapest countries to study psychology in Europe. In terms of safety, it is one of the best places to live, study and work. Hungarian Universities offer cheap tuition fees for international students. Tuition fees may range from 5500 - 7500 EUR per year. For living expenses, you should expect to spend 600 EUR per month to cover housing, food and transportation etc.

Average Tuition Fee: €5000 - €7500

Average Cost of living: €300 to €800

Cheapest Universities in Hungary


  1. Poland 

Poland may not be the most sought out cheapest country to study for Nigerian students, but its high quality education and peaceful culture makes it a good study option.

In Poland, international students can study at public universities for as low as €2000 annually for undergraduate degrees and about €3000 for postgraduate and higher vocational programs. The amount you spend on living expenses depends on your lifestyle and needs but the basic living cost in Poland is about €500 per month.

Average Tuition Fee: €2000 - €4000

Average Cost of living: €350 to €850

Cheapest Universities in Poland


  1. France

France is an attractive study abroad destination for Nigerian students. The quality of life, world class education and affordable tuition fees keeps attracting students from different nationalities.

Although studying in France is not entirely free for international students, Universities charge very affordable tuition fees making it one of the cheapest countries to study in. It is one of the cheapest countries to study Nursing. For an undergraduate course, it can cost as low as €650 - €2000 and about €3000 for a higher program. 

Average Tuition Fee: €170 - €3500

Average Cost of living: €1200 to €1800

Cheapest Universities in France


  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is a very popular study destination for students. It is among the cheapest country to study pharmacy. Tuition Fee is cheap and the admission process is straightforward, making it affordable and accessible to Nigerian Students. It is one of the cheapest country to study 2024.

While obtaining a degree in Malaysia, international students are allowed to work during the summer breaks and can earn up to per hour. Below, we listed some of the cheapest universities in Malaysia for Nigerian students to study.

Average Tuition Fee: MYR5000 - MYR7000

Average Cost of living: MYR 100 - MYR 200

Cheapest Universities in Malaysia


  1. India

India offers high quality education to international students regardless of their financial situation. It is one of the cheapest countries for International students in Asia. You can study an undergraduate degree for as low as $350 dollars per year. A wide range of courses in India are taught in English and Hindi. However, you could always pick a second language 

There's so much to enjoy when studying in India, you can visit beautiful buildings like the Taj mahal, familiarise yourself with the large communities or explore a variety of traditional Indian delicacies.

Average Tuition Fee: $350 - $5500

Average Cost of living: 20,000INR - 27,265INR

Cheapest universities in India 


  1. Brazil 

Brazil is a great study destination for students, given its good programs, low tuition fees and vibrant culture. It is one of the cheapest country to study vertinery medicine, offering free tuition programs at the postgraduate level for international students. Whatever you want to study, Brazil is the best place to transition into your professional career after graduation. 

There's also plenty of historical places to explore. If you love adventure, this is the place you should be.

Average Tuition Fee: $2000 - $8000

Average Cost of living: $500- $1000

Cheapest Universities in Brazil


  1. South Africa

If you've always wanted to explore Africa, South Africa is a good place to start. Its universities are some of the highest ranked in Africa; they are; University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg and the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The study language is English, making it easy for students who may be hesitant to learn new languages. Undergraduate programs take 3 years to complete while masters programs take 2 years. By studying in South Africa, you'll find that the Universities offer good academic facilities, strong student communities and top notch research facilities.

Average Tuition Fee: €1500 - €3850

Average Cost of living: €300 - €750

Cheapest Universities in South Africa 

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  1. Saudi Arabia

Looking for a place where you can get good education, research and academic facilities at a reasonable price, Saudi Arabia is the best place for you.

Education is very expensive in Saudi Arabia, which is why the government provides exclusive funding for foreign students to provide high quality education, scholarships and grants. You can even study a bachelor's program for free in Saudi Arabia. 

Average Tuition Fee: €3336 - €20000

Average Cost of living: €700 - €2000

Cheapest Universities in Saudi Arabia


  1. Thailand

Home to over 150 Universities, Thailand offers an impeccable array of programs in science, arts and technology. Most of the courses are English taught and affordable. Average tuition fee ranges from €1600 to €2000 per year. In Thailand, you are not permitted to work on a study visa, you have to apply for a work visa to be eligible to work for 20 hours every week.

Average Tuition Fee: €1675 - €1785

Average Cost of living: €350 - €700

Cheapest Universities in Thailand


  1. Sweden

This country is one of the best for students who want to study on a tight budget. It has a lot of English taught programs at affordable tuition rates.

The best part about studying in Sweden is you can work for as long you like without restrictions. However, it is important to keep your working hours within 40 hours per week so you have time to focus on your lectures and assignments.

After your studies, you can apply to extend your residence permit for an extra 12 months to find a job and settle down.

Average Tuition Fee: €7500 - €25500

Average Cost of living: €700 - €1300

Cheapest Universities in Sweden


  1. Netherlands 

The Netherlands is a great place to kickstart your career. Although there are no tuition free institutions, you can apply for scholarships and grants to enjoy fully funded studies.

Higher education is delivered in two different institutions: hoger beroepsonderwijs – HBO (higher vocational education) and wetenschappelijk onderwijs – WO (scientific/academic education). Courses are offered in both Dutch and English.

Average Tuition Fee: €1040 - €2083

Average Cost of living: €800 - €1200

Cheapest Universities in Netherlands 


  1. Singapore 

Singapore is one of the most affordable country to study abroad for Nigerian students. It is known for providing affordable education. The country has some of the best technology programs with the average cost of tuition for Nigerian students of about $400. Nigerian students can work part-time for up to 16 hours during school term and full-time during summer breaks.

Average Tuition Fee: $400 - $800

Average Cost of living: S$750 - S$2000

Cheapest Universities in Singapore 


  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the cheapest countries for international students. The country is known for its beautiful landscapes and serene environment. All higher education courses are taught in English so you will be required to present your proof of English proficiency when applying.

Although living in New Zealand can be expensive, you can get quality education for cheap.

Average Tuition Fee: $4100 - $6100

Average Cost of living: $350 - $800

Cheapest Universities in New Zealand


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