20 Study Abroad Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2024

20 Study Abroad Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2024

The decision to study abroad is one of the best a student can make and should you work towards your dream, you can open up yourself to a lot of educating experiences and opportunities.

Abroad studies are highly recommended by us, and we want to help you actualise that dream by finding you the best scholarships whose sponsors are willing to pay you for your dreams.

You get to have quality education for free or at a good discounted price, live in a beautiful city, meet students from all over the world, and be exposed to different cultures and lifestyles.

This year, the opportunity for you to do all these has once again presented itself in our list of 20 Study Abroad Scholarships For Nigerian Students.

We encourage you to meticulously go through our list to find that one scholarship or two, that fits you like the graduation cap you will be wearing when you complete your course of study abroad.


1. Government of Poland 2024-2025 Postgraduate Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

This scholarship is awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland. Students who want to Study Free Master’s Degree from Poland are invited to apply for the ?ukasiewicz Scholarship. Banach Scholarship Program and the Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program, all merged into one scholarship.

Organization: Government of Poland

Country to study: Poland

Course to study: any course


  • The scholarship fee is paid once a month through the higher education institution.
  • For the duration of their studies, Selected Applicants shall also receive a stipend of PLN 1,700 per month will be given.

  • Students will also receive PLN 1500 per month for the second-cycle program and for participating in the preparatory course for learning in Poland as well.

  • PLN 500 to cover the costs of relocating to Poland

  • PLN 500 to cover the costs related to drafting their dissertation


Application period: March - July.

How to apply: Read More and Apply Here


2. African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Master’s Programme

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) offers an annual scholarship to Sub-Saharan African students (Nigeria Inclusive) to study at the AIMS Senegal, AIMS Rwanda, and AIMS Cameroon.

Organization: African Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Type: Postgraduate

Country to study: Senegal, Cameroon, and Rwanda.

Course to study: Mathematical Sciences


If you are awarded this scholarship, You will get full or partial scholarships and you may apply for bursaries covering tuition and accommodation costs.

Application period: The AIMS scholarship deadline is March

How to apply:  Read More and Apply Here


3. NNPC/TOTAL International Master's Degree Scholarships in France 2023/2024

TOTAL, in partnership with NNPC and its corporate partners, selects and sponsors young Nigerian scholars for Master's Degree programs in Arts, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering and Geosciences (Oil and gas related) at top universities in France. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Organization: Total Upstream Nigeria Limited

Type: Postgraduate

Country to study: France

Course to study: Engineering, Geosciences, Management Sciences, Finance and Law.

Benefit: This scholarship provides full sponsorship of students who are studying any of the eligible courses.

Application period: The scholarship opens by March, The Scholarship page closes two (2) weeks from the date of this publication.

How to apply: Read More and Apply Here


4. Maastricht University NL- High Potential Scholarship 2024, Netherlands. (Fully Funded)

The Maastricht University (UM) NL-High Potential Scholarship program offers 24 full scholarships of € 30,000 (including tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend) each academic year for highly talented students from outside the European Union (EU) who have been admitted to a master’s program at UM.

Organization: Maastricht University

Type: Master’s 

Country to Study: Netherlands 

Course to Study: Any Course 


Eligible students get scholarships of € 30,000 (including tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend)

Application Period: February 

How to Apply: Learn More and Apply Here


5. Study in UAE: Canadian University Dubai Undergraduate Scholarships 2023/2024 for International Students

The Canadian University of Dubai, awards the Canadian University Undergraduate Scholarships, to students with excellent academic performance.

Organization: Canadian Dubai University

Type: Undergraduate & Graduate

Country to study: Dubai

Course to study: all undergraduate courses available at the university.

Benefit: if awarded this scholarship, you will receive 100%, 50% or 20% of your tuition waived as seen fit by the university.

Application period: For the fall semester, the application deadline is July, and for the Spring Semester,  December

How to apply: Learn More and Apply Here


6. Reach Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country Students 2024-2025

The Reach Oxford Scholarships offers international students a full scholarship opportunity to study at the University Oxford in any eligible undergraduate course offered at the university.

Organization: University of Oxford

Type: Undergraduate

Country to study: UK

Course to study: Any undergraduate course offered at the University of Oxford, except medicine.

Benefit: this scholarship covers tuition and college fees, living expenses and one return plane ticket per year.

Requirements: to qualify for this award, you have to be a student from a developing country like Nigeria who has applied for an undergraduate course at the university.

Application period:  This scholarship is currently not ongoing, we will notify you when it starts.

How to apply:

  • To receive this scholarship, you need to have first applied for a place at the university via UCAS, and be accepted.
  • After that, you should complete a separate application form for the scholarship. And for a reference letter to be submitted on your behalf.
  • The university won’t accept scholarship requests from Students who have not applied to the University.

To learn more about the Reach Scholarship, Apply Here


7. Full-fee Development Africa Scholarships 2023/2024 at Loughborough University – UK

The Full-fee Development Africa Scholarships are awarded to African students, to enable them to study at Loughborough University. The scholarship will cover 100% of the course fees for your chosen postgraduate course for one year.

Organization: Loughborough University

Type:  Doctoral (PhD)

Country to study: UK

Course to study: All PhD fields at the university.

Benefit: the scholarship fully covers only the tuition fees, while the students have to fend for their travel and maintenance courses by themselves.

Application period: April

How to apply: Learn More And Apply Here


8. University of East Anglia Mansion House Scheme 2023/2024 for International students

The University Of East Anglia Mansion House Scholarship Scheme (MHSS) awards scholarship is open to eligible international students and business executives at an early stage of their careers., in the form of a tuition fee award which is given to students with an astounding academic performance, by the university.

Organization: University Of East Anglia

Type:  Masters

Country to study: UK

Course to study: Msc Finance


To be amongst the top 5 lucky recipients of this award you must be:

  • A citizen of an International country (Nigeria is included) or a permanent resident of such countries, with an offer to enroll in the University for a Master’s program in Finance.

Benefit: Scholarship varies in size but is in the range of £10,000

Application period:  April 2024

How to apply: Learn More and Apply Here


9. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is available to talented students who need financial assistance to complete their education.

This scholarship aims to develop transformative leaders so that they can become active contributors to their society.

Organization: MasterCard

Type: Masters, Undergraduate

Country to study:  Each scholarship will take place at the respective countries of the various MasterCard partner Institutes:

UndergraduateAfrican Leadership Academy, South Africa; Asheshi University College, Ghana; American University Of Beirut, Beirut; Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology, Ghana; Sciences Po, Paris; University Of Abomey-Calavi, Bene Republic; University Of Cape Town, South Africa; University Of Edinburgh, UK; University Of Gondar, Ethiopia; University Of Pretoria, South Africa; Wellesley College, USA; African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Rwanda.

Graduate- African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Rwanda; American University Of Beirut, Beirut; Arizona State University, USA, Carnegie Mellon University, Rwanda;

McGill University, Canada; Sciences Po, Paris; University Of British Columbia, Canada; University Of Cape Town, South Africa; University Of Edinburgh, UK; University Of Gondar, Ethiopia; University Of Pretoria, South Africa, Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology; Ghana; Wellesley College, USA.

Course to study: All courses deemed eligible for the MasterCard scholarship award by the respective partner universities.

Benefit: This scholarship program provides to the scholars, financial, academic, and social support.

The scholarship also offers financial assistance to cover tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other study materials which the student may need for studies.


  • If you are applying for an undergraduate degree, you must be at least 29 years old or below during the time of the application.
  • For masters, you need to be 35 years or below during the application period.
  • To be considered for this scholarship, you need to have an academically sound background and would have expressed a commitment towards helping others.

Note: MasterCard has various scholarship initiatives, and each of them is implemented and controlled by its respective partners. Before you apply, check out the websites of the respective university you are applying to, to make sure you reach their requirements.

Application Period: Each MasterCard  Foundation Scholars partner universities, have specific periods when the Scholarships begin and end. Be sure to check out the above links to gain more information about various MasterCard Scholarships.

How To Apply:

  • Each MasterCard Foundation Scholarship is awarded through the MasterCard partner universities. The application process is handled by each respective partner university, so to apply for any of the MasterCard scholarships, you have to apply directly through the partner university that is awarding it.

Visit the scholarship website for more information on how to apply for this scholarship.


10. Bilateral Education Agreement Undergraduate Scholarship

The Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education Scholarship Board to provide eligible undergraduate Nigerian students with the opportunity to pursue their studies in various international countries.

Organization: Federal Ministry Of Education

Type: Undergraduate

Country to study:  Students who are awarded this scholarship will study in - Algeria, Cuba, Egypt, Hungary, Japan, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Mexico, Morocco, the Russian Federation, Tunisia or Turkey, Greece, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and South Africa.

Course to study:

  • Agricultural Sciences, Architecture, Biology – Biotechnology, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Law, and Mathematics.


This BEA scholarship is catered for by both the Federal Ministry Of Education and the scholarship-awarding country.

The Federal Ministry Of Education pays to the students:

  • $500 monthly for supplementation, $250 yearly for warm clothing, $200 yearly for Health Insurance, and a Medical allowance of $500 yearly for General medicine scholars only.
  • $6,000 per annum for feeding, local transport, maintenance, equipment/ books.

The scholarship-awarding country covers tuition fees and accommodation fees for the students.


To be qualified for this scholarship, you need to:

  • Have made a minimum of Five Distinctions (As & Bs) in your WAEC exams in all the subjects that are relevant to your field of study, including English and Maths.
  • A one-year-old WAEC Certificate. Your certificate shouldn’t be more than two years since you got it.
  • Be 18 to 20 years.

Application period: November- January

How to Apply: Learn How To Apply


11. Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024(Fully-funded)

The Shanghai Government Scholarship is offered in two types to qualified international students who intend to study in Shanghai.

Type A scholarships are for Masters and Doctoral students, while the Type B  scholarships are for Bachelor’s students.

Organization: Shanghai Government

Type: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral

Country to study: Shanghai

Course to study:  all fields.


Type A(Full Scholarships)

  • Exempt from full tuition fee.

  • Accommodation on campus

  • Provide comprehensive medical insurance

  • Monthly Living Expenses:

    • Doctoral program: CNY3500

    • Graduate program: CNY3000

    • Undergraduate program: CNY2500

Type B (Partial Scholarship)

  • Exempt from tuition fees, and provide comprehensive medical insurance

Application period: this scholarship application is currently closed, check the official website for updates on the scholarship

How to apply: Read More and Apply Here


12. University of Glasgow African Excellence Award

The University of Glasgow is offering scholarships to 8 lucky African students to join its academic session in September.

Organization: University of Glasgow

Type: Postgraduate

Country to study: UK

Benefit: The scholarship covers the tuition fees of the students.


For your application to be considered by the  university for this scholarship you must these criteria:

  • You must be an African citizen and reside in an African country during the application period.
  • You completed your first degree in Africa
  • You received a conditional or unconditional offer to study a postgraduate course from the university
  • Demonstrate academic excellence and have grades in your results that will be equivalent to UK grades when evaluated. Your result should be 1st Class Honours or higher.

Application Period: The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March?2024.
How to Apply: Learn More and Apply Here


13. Kingston University Undergraduate Scholarships 2023/2024 for International Students – UK

The Kingston University Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to international students who are open to studying a three-year undergraduate course in any subject at the university.

Organization: Kingston University

Type: Undergraduate

Country to study: UK

Course to study: Any course

Benefit: Kingston University offers international students scholarship awards worth £5,000 towards the first year of study


To be eligible for this award, you need to check these boxes:

  • Be an international student
  • Is not currently registered at the Kingston University, is currently applying
  • Received an unconditional or conditional offer to study an undergraduate course at Kingston University.

Application period: this scholarship ends in January

How to apply: Learn More and Apply Here


14. TWAS-CSIR 2023-2024 Postgraduate Fellowship Programme for Researchers in Developing Countries

The World Academy of Science (TWAS) and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) scholarship is for young scientists from developing countries who aspire to pursue Postgraduate research in emerging areas in science and technology.

For these aspiring scientists, facilities are in place at the laboratories and institutes in the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) which they can utilize for the duration of their program.

Organization: The World Academy of Science

Type: Postgraduate

Country to study: India

Course to study: Agricultural Sciences, Astronomy, Space and Earth Science, Biology and Organisms,  Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Medical and Health Science / Neuroscience, Physics, and Structural Cell and Molecular Biology.

Benefit: CSIR will provide funds for living costs, food, and health insurance. They are also entitled to subsidized accommodation.

Application period: April - September

How to apply: Learn More and Apply Here


15. Bristol University Think Big Postgraduate Scholarship

The esteemed Bristol University for its Think Big Initiative is awarding to qualified postgraduate students. If you apply for this scholarship, you will also automatically be considered for any other University of Bristol international scholarships that you are eligible for.

Organization: Bristol University

Type: Postgraduate

Country to study: UK

Course to study: any field offered at the university.

Benefit- Scholarship awards for postgraduate international students are valued at £6,500, £13,000, and £26,000 per year and can only be used towards the cost of tuition fees.

Application period- this scholarship application will end by March.

How to apply: Learn More and Apply Here


16. Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships for Doctoral Students 2024/25, Study Free in Hungary.

As a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder you will be able to focus on your academic advancement, as all your tuition fees will be covered, and your accommodation costs will be supported as well.

Organization: Hungarian Government

Type: Postgraduate

Country to study: Hungary

Course to study: any field offered at the university.


  • Exemption from paying tuition fees

  • The scholarship provides a monthly amount of HUF 140,000 (approximately EUR 1,331) for the initial phase of education (4 semesters) and HUF 180,000 (approximately EUR 425) for the subsequent phase (4 semesters) for Doctoral Students.

  • Students are offered either a free dormitory placement or a monthly contribution of HUF 40,000 for accommodation expenses throughout the entire scholarship period. 

  • Medical insurance is provided, covering up to HUF 65,000 (approximately EUR 153) annually per person. 

How to Apply: Learn More and Apply Here


17. Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme Under PTDF Strategic Patnerships in UK

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund accepts applications from qualified candidates to study at any institution which is under its strategic partnership initiative.

Organization: Petroleum Technology Development Fund

Type: Masters, PhD

Country to study: UK

Course to study: Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, Geography / Environmental Science, Mechanical Engineering, Renewable energy, LLM Law and Energy Law, Energy Management, and courses relevant to the oil and gas sector, which is offered at the various partner universities.


PhD students will receive funds for flight tickets, health insurance,  tuition and bench fees (where applicable) and allowance for accommodation and living expenses.

Masters students will also receive funds for flight tickets, payment of health insurance, payment of tuition and bench fees (where applicable) as well as the provision of allowances to meet the costs of accommodation and living expenses.

Application period: March

How to apply: Learn More and Apply Here


18. 2024 Margeret McNamara Education Grants Scholarships for Women from Developing Countries

The Margaret McNamara Educational Grant Scholarship is awarded to female students from developing countries to improve their lives. The scholarship grant is offered for studies that take place in the USA and Canada.

Organization: Margaret McNamara Educational Grants

Type: Masters

Country to study: Canada and USA

Course to study: All fields of study.

Benefit: selected students are awarded approximately $15,000 each

Application period: September - January

How to apply: Apply here.


19. Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships is an annual Doctoral Scholarship awarded to Canadian citizens and foreign students to study Social Sciences and Humanities at Canadian universities.

Organization:  Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Type: Doctoral

Country to study: Canada

Course to study: courses eligible for the scholarship are those related to Social Sciences and Humanities. Like- Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, and People and their Natural Environment.


Students who are selected for this scholarship will receive from the Foundation:

  • A membership opportunity to join a community of other Scholars, Mentors, and Fellows, all of whom are leaders and change-makers like you in their respective disciplines and sectors.
  • Leadership training from Mentors and Fellows.
  • $40,000 per year for three years to cover tuition and reasonable living expenses.
  • Up to $20,000 per year for three years, as a research and travel allowance.

Application period: This scholarship application has ended. You will be notified once it starts again.

Note: Each Canadian University that is a partner for his award has its respective application dates. However, there is a final date for each university to submit their applications.

Visit the scholarship website for more information.

How to apply:

  • Apply to a respective university using the Foundation scholarship portal.
  • If the university you applied through their portal nominates you for the national competition, your application will be forwarded to the PETF with a letter of nomination and you will undergo a rigorous review process.
  • If you finalize for the scholarship, you will be invited to interviews with the selection committee.


20.Chevening Scholarships for International Students 2024

The Chevening Scholarship is offered to eligible International students from developing countries, to provide them with the opportunity to study at various universities in the UK.

Organization: the Chevening Scholarship is sponsored by the Foreign and Common Wealth Office.

Type:  Masters

Country to study: UK

Course to study: courses eligible for this scholarship are related to areas of politics, government, business, the media, the environment, civil society, religion, and academia.

Benefit: if you are awarded this scholarship, you will receive the following benefits from Chevening:

  1. Tuition fees, payment to cover your thesis or dissertation (if applicable)
  2. Arrival allowance, excess baggage allowance, and entry clearance application for you.
  3. Monthly allowance to cover living expenses and accommodation. The stipend given to you for accommodation depends on whether you will be staying in London.

Application period:  September – November

How to apply: Learn More and Apply Here




All of these scholarships are worth applying for, so start applying for the ones you qualify for. Your dream university is just a click away!

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