Scholarships in Nigeria to study abroad 2019

Latest / Ongoing Scholarships for Internship programme

      • Internship Programme Scholarship by Nigerian Bottling Company (Coca - Cola) 2019/2020

      • The Coke Summership Program provides a robust developmental platform for Nigerian students at home and abroad to intern with us to gain industry experience during their academic Summer breaks. This year, the program will commence in June and end in August in our Lagos locations only. If you fit the profile below we invite you to make the move and develop your career with us.

      • Internship Programme Scholarship by Oxford Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM) 2019/2020

      • This year the department has several country-specific awards for internships. The awards will cover the travel and living costs for a two-month internship in a departmental research laboratory. The scholarship awarded is to the value of £3,000. Accommodation will be arranged at an Oxford college for students funded through these awards and accommodation costs will be deducted from the award and paid to the college on your behalf. The accommodation provided is basic and cannot be altered once students have arrived. The award payments will be made in regular instalments after your arrival in the UK.

        • Funding for students from Japan: the department has funding for up to three students from Japanese universities.
        • Funding for students from China: the department receives funding from the Victor and William Fung Foundation for approximately five students per year.
        • Funding for students from Brazil: the department has funding for up to three students from Brazilian universities.
        • Funding for students from Mexico: internships are also available for up to three students from Mexico.
        • Funding for students from Africa: up to five internships are available (supported by the AfOx initiative) to applicants who have been legally resident in an African country for at least one year out of the last five years. These internships will include support for travel costs as well as living costs while in Oxford.

        Please note that the number of awards available is restricted and that this is therefore a competitive application process. Fulfilling the criteria listed above does not guarantee you an award.

        Well-qualified students who are not eligible to apply for the NDM internships above may wish to get in touch with a PI directly to inquire about any other opportunities and funding that may be available in their labs. Students funded directly by a PI would be responsible for arranging their own accommodation in Oxford, although the department can offer help and suggestions.